Welcome to our church website.

We have received at our baptism the marvelous mission of announcing the Gospel of Christ to our brothers and sisters, to work in his footsteps at transforming the world according to Godís will and to work with him for peace, justice and unity.

This does not concern only members of the clergy. It concerns all members of the Church, whether at work or at home, in all aspects of our life.

We put forth three great virtues: faith, hope and love. We want to base our existence on them and live our Christian faith in community.

We affirm our will to live the human, social and religious dimensions of our existence based on Christ. His promise to bring Godís kingdom meets our desire to be delivered from evil and to know well-being, happiness and peace.

We have much to learn and to share, and look forward to working with many people in the Church here in Canada and elsewhere.

10:00 A.M.

Dignity Memorial Chapel,
180 Montreal Road, Ottawa.

Entrance and parking are at the back of the building.
From Montreal Road, your take Cyr Street.

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